I Love Hats

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I think that hats may be one of my favorite items to knit. They’re usually pretty quick, and there’s a hat for just about every occassion. I especially love winter hats, because it’s a free license to be ridiculous(ly awesome!).

I did a test knit for the Brooke Ear-Flap Hat and fell in love with the pattern. The whole hat can easily be whipped up in just a couple of hours, and Chunky Mochi is like knitting a cloud. I made one hat, bought more yarn for a second (that I haven’t gotten around to knitting yet, I should do that this week), and knit a second out of some left over yarn that I don’t like (the hat makes my forehead itch, boo!)

Stripe Earflap hat | katili*made | http://katilimade.com
Brooke Flappy Hat Test Knit [ravelry]

Gray Earflap hat | katili*made | http://katilimade.com
Grey Flap Hat [ravelry]

I love the stupid little poof at the top of the grey one though, hehe. My next Mochi one will have a pompom for sure.

I also bought a skein of Misti Alpaca that I think is begging to be a flap hat as well, what do you think?

Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Chunky

If I do wind up with 3 ear flap hats, I will probably give one to my friend Sonia, who all but called dibs on the first one I made.

I also made a Mike hat for Pod. He was so funny, standing in The Knitting Bee, trying to pick the colors. It came out great, he picked good ones.

Mike hat | katili*made | http://katilimade.com
Hat for Pod [ravelry]

In other news, I wonder what I’m doing wrong that makes my decreases so very obvious. I’ll have to work on that.

But yes, those are all my new hats. I’ve got a few more in queue, too. I have plans to make Grace Lace Beret, Evoesque Beanie, and Capitan Hat.

What are your favorite hat patterns?

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2 Responses to I Love Hats

  1. erin Sep 17, 2010 at 7:07 am #

    Those hats all look so charming. Especially the rainbow earflappy one. =D So far I’ve only tried a roll brim hat and while I liked it, my daughter enjoyed snagging my dpn’s which kind of ruined the fun of the project. =

    Was the pattern written out for the knitting illiterate? Because I’m still learning terms but I’d love to knit hats like that for this winter. So cute!

  2. Kenoshia Nov 4, 2010 at 8:31 am #

    Wow, so many hats! I love them all. The poof on the gray one is really cute.

    That Misti Alpaca is gorgeous!

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