Red and Teal Rainbow Clutch

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A while back, I bought the Handmade Style book by Anna Graham of Noodlehead fame. I’ve raved before about how much I love all her patterns, so of course I had to have her book! I particularly wanted the cover pattern, the Rainbow Clutch.

My one complaint is that sewing out of book patterns is a pain in the tush and I prefer PDF files, but the patterns are gorgeous so I’ll live with it!

Red and Teal Rainbow Clutch | katili*made |

Since the Rainbow Clutch was the main reason I wanted the book, of course it was the first pattern I made from it. This one is one that I made for a swap I was doing, and I’m not going to lie, it was hard to let go of! All those fabrics just play so beautifully together.

Red and Teal Rainbow Clutch | katili*made |

Red and Teal Rainbow Clutch | katili*made |

Gorgeous! I keep making little things using scraps of those fabrics because I love how they look together. I finished up the swap package with a coaster, a little key fob, a notebook that fits inside the clutch and some piping.

Red and Teal Rainbow Clutch | katili*made |

I definitely need to make one of these clutches for myself sometime soon, it’s adorable and has plenty of space for the tiny amount of stuff that I carry around. Have you made a Rainbow Clutch? I’d love to see a picture if you have! I need inspiration for fabrics for mine.

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