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SOAB Package!

So, I recently participated in the Swap on a Budget swap, and I got the most awesome package from Meilynne, and thought I’d show it off.

Swap Package!

All packaged super cute! :D

Swap Package!

Inside the green package is Posey, which I love! She found it in my favorites. I was eventually going to make one but didn’t have the right yarn, and in all honesty, Mei’s is more perfect than mine would have been. There is also some great pink thread and super cute heart buttons that kept falling over when I tried to photograph them.

Swap Package!

Inside the pink bundle I found two skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino [Ravelry] in Ankara Green. I’ve never used the silky merino, I’m really excited to knit with it! It’s sooo smooshy and awesome! The color is more aqua than my photo suggests, my camera hates me this week. I’ve been petting the yarn since I opened it.

Swap Package!

Inside the blue bundle are some slippers with directions on how to felt them for best fit on my feetsies, I’m actually going to go felt them shortly after I’m done posting, I can’t wait to wear them!

Swap Package!

Last but not least, coffee flavored candy and some yarn dye! (wait, what do you mean most people *drink* kool-aid? Nonsense! :D)

I’ve been spoiled, for sure! Mei rocks!!




  • Meilynne

    Hi Katie!

    I’m glad you liked the package. Posey was really fun to make, so I made one for myself, too! I see you felted the slippers already. I hope they fit you nicely. If they’re too hairy, run a regular shaving razor over them – works wonders for me. Other people have recommended a sweater stone, but I’ve yet to try that.

    Your photography skilz are awesome! Your blog is really nice, too. I’ve enjoyed browsing through your old posts, and I can’t wait to see more!

    Your SOAB Partna

  • pip

    great swap :) … love the silky yarn!

  • pip

    oh… and the fuzzy felted slippers (I just spotted them at the top:)

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