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Recent Yarn Haul

I’ve gotten so much pretty new yarn lately, that I really feel like I have to make a post to show it all off! It’s yarn porn in all it’s glory. Mostly I’ve picked up a fair bit of sock yarn; I’m determined to learn how to make socks and like it, so I had to stock up on yarn. I have a feeling some of it may not wing up being socks though, since I do already have some sock yarn stashes. As if I need an excuse to buy yarn! grin

First up is a skein of Claudia Hand Painted yarn in the colowrway Dear John. It’s got beautiful autumn colors, with the rich reds and browns. I haven’t decided what I want to make from it yet! I have about 100 yards of CHP in Chocolate that would look simply amazing with it, so I’d really like to work the two together somehow. Any ideas?

Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Fingering

Next up, I have two skeins of Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Silk in Blue Lagoon. This yarn has the most awesome sheen to it, and it just begging me to turn it in to some lacy socks. So far I’m thinking Spring Forward, though I might break down and try Monkey again.

Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Silk Print

While I was looking at yarn for socks, I came across a skein of Malabrigo Sock in the colorway Indiecita and fell in love. I kept picking the skein up and petting it, and glancing at it longingly, though I was warned that I would wear holes through socks pretty much immediately. I had to have it. So this skein is destined to become some kind of shawl, and it will be glorious, because just LOOK at those colors! ♥

Malabrigo Yarn Sock

That same trip to the yarn shop is also when I got the Santa Fe yarn in Celebration, but you’ve already seen that in my Fake Party Socks post. I won’t bore you with more photos of the yarn :)

At that point, I thought I was done getting sock yarn for a while, but then three things happened! One, I saw the pattern for the Edwardian Boat Socks and was lamenting that none of my yarns were quite right for the pattern (which is a dirty lie, I’m sure the Claudia would look amazing in it). Two, the Portland Yarn Crawl happened and I found myself staring at more yarn, which always requires adopting some! And three, my boyfriend was being a butthead and offered to buy me yarn as an apology. How can you resist that offer?!

So I poked and prodded and hemmed and hawed over a bunch of yarns and settled on Abstract Fiber Mighty Sock in the color Koi Pond drool. These socks will probably jump the line… I see me starting them after I finish my first Party Sock, and coming back to the second later!

Abstract Fiber MightySock

Now though, I seriously have to stop buying yarn until I knit at least 10 of the 30 things in my queue (all of which I already have the yarn for). Wish me luck!





  • LauraM

    Oh My! You are making me drool! I love yarn porn, and yours is quite yummy! I’m jealous especially of the MmmmmmMalabrigo and the Abstract Fiber! Enjoy!

    • katili

      I almost didn’t make this post for fear of boring my readers, but then I realized “… what knitter DOESN’T like looking at pictures of yarn?!” hehe :)

  • Colleen

    Sock yarn is totally addicting. I’ve promised my gf I won’t buy any more until I’ve used up the 20 or so skeins I already have, but today *is* Friday which means Wollmeise….

    • katili

      I’ve never seen Wollmeise in person… I’m tempted, but stalking the website sounds like a lot of effort heh.

  • heather

    um yeah, no boredom here:) go ahead and post those yarn pictures anytime:)

  • Molly

    Spring forward is a really fun design, and I have really really wanted to pick up some panda silk to play with. I bought some for my future MIL, and she loved it so much she bought more to make a sweater with it.

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