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Elizabethian Hobo Bag | katili*made |

Simply making one Elizabeth inspired bag wasn’t enough for me, so I whipped up another! This one is great for running errands and keeping my hands free.

Cotton + Steel Go Anywhere Tote

This Go Anywhere bag was cursed from the get-go, and everything kept going wrong! It had to sit in time-out for a while, but eventually I picked it back up and finished it. It’s so cute that I’m glad I did get it done!

Blue and Pink Trail Tote

After making and giving away a Pink Trail Tote, I was itching to make one for myself. I made it a while back but just hadn’t gotten around to posting about it, because I am an awful blogger. But hey, better late than never!

Fabric Closeup

I made a 241 Tote for my mom. I think it turned out super cute! She picked the fabrics on her own, the prints are from Joel Dewberry’s Notting Hill line.