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Glace Icing Cookie Failure

I found the most amazing blog post on The Crafty Penguin on these really pretty (and as it turns out, really yummy) vanilla sugar cookies with glace icing. My friend Sonia was here visiting, and we decided to attempt to make these cookies. “How hard could it be?”, we thought. Turns out, when you’re us, […]


Halloween Craftspiration

I’m not really much of a Halloween celebrator, but I really love a lot of the decorations. Cute little skeletons, zombie anythings, pumpkins and bats are all awesome! So I’ve been browsing, looking to see what people have been making. There’s all kinds of cute stuff!

WIP: Brit Lit Vest | katili*made |

WIP – Brit Lit Vest

Going to the yarn shop is dangerous, especially if you go during knit-chat time. So many people with so many projects from patterns I’ve never seen, and easy access to magazines to flip through! On the bright side, the Brit Lit Vest seems to be a quick knit, and is totally awesome.