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Nano Eiffel Tower

I built the Eiffel Tower today.

Nanoblock Eiffel Tower | katili*made |

Ok, it sounds kind of silly if I say it like that. But I did! I picked up the Nanoblock Eiffel Tower the other day and built it tonight. It was pretty fun. The whole thing is only 5″ tall!

It totally took me longer than 13 seconds, by the way.

The pieces look huge in the photos, but they are itty-bitty teeny-tiny. I had to use tweezers to pick up the single-cell block that I put in the wrong place.

Here, have lot’s of photos! This is what I do when I’m not knitting or making websites, hehe!




  • Vanessa

    Only 5″ tall? Oh my god! That’s up my teeny tiny alley! I could make a little house for my little plastic animals to live in. LOVE IT!

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