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My Knitting-Fu Is Weak

I don’t know what’s going wrong lately, but man, suddenly I just CAN’T KNIT anymore. Everything I touch goes completely wrong.

This post has nothing but whining in it so feel free to stop reading here if you want. But, major brownie points to anybody that reads it and can make me feel better!

First, my Monkeys got all goobered. I took a break from my Geodesic Cardigan to finish up my monkeys and that went poorly. I was catching the second sock up to the first (to try to offset the Second Sock Syndrome) and realized that the two socks were not even remotely pooling the same. Or rather, the first one didn’t pool at all and looked awesome, but the second one was pooling and looked awful. Then, I did something wrong and the heel turn on the first sock came out wrong. The socks look so strange that I know I’ll never wear them. On that note, I should never but variegated repeating yarn again.

So, since that was making me sad and frustrated, I picked up a beautiful single ball of Lorna’s Laces and started a really basic, simple lace shawl thing. With my knitting fu being as sad and pathetic as it’s been, it took a few tries to get started, but then I was on a roll and it was looking great. Until about 10 inches in, when I somehow managed to lose a stitch. In the process of trying to find it and pick it back up, I lost 2 inches of shawl and dropped another 2 stitches. Lace is nigh impossible to pick back up, by the way. I’m going to frustrated if I can’t find someone to help me get it back going and I have to rip it out and start it over yet again. Killing a simple 2 row repeat lace pattern is mighty bad for ones self esteem. I suck.

After these two fiascoes, I thought maybe it was a sign. My Geodesic Cardigan had been going pretty well until I cheated on it, so maybe I just need to finish that and all will be better. Well, apparently the sweater decided not to forgive me. A few rows went super well, and I finished my waist increases right where I expected to. But then, it was time to split for the back.

Can I just say that the way the pattern is written is mighty confusing at times?

Anyway, I was following along pretty well, but then when I was done binding off the few stitches to start the arm hole, they wound up being off center. I ripped and tried again 2 more times, and it’s STILL NOT CENTERED.

I don’t even know what to do at this point. I’m all sad, and kind of angry, and knitting is supposed to be my stress relief and it’s only making everything worse.





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