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Summer Lace Shawl

I’ve completed my Summer Lace Shawl, which is a variation of the Christmas Lace scarf. Knitting a lace pattern on big needles does wonders for opening it up! The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Worsted in a colorway made exclusively for one of my local yarn shops.

Summer Lace Shawl | katili*made |

I didn’t really get a good shot of it before blocking, nor did I get fabulous measurements. But, it went from approximately 1.5 ft by 4.5 ft, to 2.25 feet by 5 ft. It could have gotten bigger, but I really liked it as is. The edges flattened nicely.

All in all, I got exactly what I was aiming for: something to cover my shoulders when it’s a little chilly, without being hot or bulky. I’m very happy with it even though I don’t look like I am haha.

Summer Lace Shawl | katili*made |




  • erin

    Very cute! I really love the colors on that. How long did it take to knit up?

  • Brenda

    Really beautiful… I have on skein of lorna’s worsted in my stash and would really love to make this shawl… how many stitches did you cast on or did you just follow the Christmas lace pattern as written but just used the large needles?

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