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WIP – Central Park Hoodie

Sometimes I wonder why I start big projects, because it inevitably takes me ages to actually finish them, but I seem to have done it again. This time, my victim, I mean, pattern, is Central Park Hoodie. It’s such a great pattern! I love hoodies, and I love this style of cable; really simple and not too old-folk looking (that’s just what some cables make me think of!). Here’s a close up of the cable.

I’m planning on adding pockets to it, and a zipper. I can’t do open hoodies and the button loops look silly to me. Though, I guess I should also put the zipper in my poor little Brit Lit Vest, which has seriously been finished, blocked and seamed for months and ONLY needs the zipper. Sigh. I am such a procrastinator! Also, the zipper scares me.

Anyway! Here’s a not-closeup picture of the start of my sweater.

WIP - Central Park Hoodie

I haven’t really worked on it in a while, but so far it’s a quick knit, so it shouldn’t take me more than a few months to actually make it, hehe. On the bright side, it’s pretty much always cold where I live, so even if I finish it in July, I’ll still have plenty of opportunity to wear it.




  • CraftyCripple

    That’s what I’m doing too. I hadn’t thought about pockets, but I am debating the zipper. I can’t decide. I guess the decision can wait until I get it sewn up and blocked and try it on.

  • Marushka

    Your sweater is going to be lovely. That blue is a terrific color.

    I haven’t done zippers in knitting, only in sewing, but there is a blog entry by TechKnitter about two new methods for putting them in without sewing:

    • katili

      I’ve gotten pretty good at putting zippers in sewn items, but I haven’t done it in knitting yet, which is part of why I’m terrified of it, hehe. Thanks for the link, I hadn’t seen those methods yet!

  • Tami

    It looks great so far! I love the color and the cables really pop with that yarn!

  • Stacey

    Oh, I’ve been eyeing that hoodie for SO LONG!
    From what I’ve heard, it’s so fun… you’ll HAVE to finish :)

  • Faith

    That is an awesome color. Every time I see a cph I think I should make one. Can’t wait to see the finished result!

  • autumngeisha

    Such a pretty shade of blue! I know what you mean about procrastinating with the finishing details. To me, the knitting part is easy compared to things like zippers and seams. Your CPH is going to be lovely when it’s finished.

  • Molly

    I watched a really cool video on how to attach zippers to sweaters. I think it was from interweave knits. It seemed a lot less scary.

    Molly : )

    • katili

      Is it the no-sew one? I saw that too, it’s really cool! I plan on doing that method. I’m still scared though hehe.

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