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WIP – Brit Lit Vest

Going to the yarn shop is dangerous, especially if you go during knit-chat time. So many people with so many projects from patterns I’ve never seen, and easy access to magazines to flip through! I stopped in just to say hello, and walked out with a new magazine and a vest’s worth of yarn, not to mention the desire to knit half the other projects in said magazine!

Brit Lit Vest

And, you know, I don’t already have a million other WIPs, or a queue a mile long mostly full of things I already have the yarn for… so of course I had to start a new vest! Please excuse the bad photos; the light is abysmal today. I almost feel like I should put something in the photo for scale.. everything looks so small if you think of it in terms of standard balls of yarn, but this bad boy is about 6.5 inches across, and the bottom cable is about 11 inches un-stretched and unblocked! The vest is not doll sized, hehe.

WIP: Brit Lit Vest | katili*made |

I’m making the Brit Lit Vest out of Knitscene Fall 2010, with Cascade Yarn Ecological Wool. The huge skein of the yarn makes me giggle every time.. the whole vest will take about 1.5 skeins, if my math is right. You can see my Ravelry Project page here: [Zippered Vest].

It’s coming along nicely so far. I’m a smidgen concerned about the size, but it’s all pretty stretchy and I’m sure once I block it, it’ll be fine. I’m really excited to get that bottom cable nice and flat, it was fun to knit. This project should have me busy for a little bit of time (until I get distracted by something else), but it won’t take forever and a day, unlike The Sweater I No Longer Speak Of™.

And hey look, this post is just in time for Work-In-Progress Wednesday, teehee!




  • natalie

    I love the top photo with the knit resting on the “lit”.
    What kind of set up are you using for the photos?

  • Tami Klockau

    Can’t wait to see the vest finished! I love that huge skein of wool!! <3 Thanks for participating in WIPW!

  • ludistitcher

    That yarn is such a beautiful charcoal gray!

  • Gabriela - Living La Vida Normal

    Thanks for stopping by to visit! I love the color of this vest. I only go to knit night occasionally for that very reason, I know I’ll end up buying more yarn or trying to start another project. I also LOVE your August WIPs post with the explanation as to why every project is where it is. I look forward to reading more.

  • erin

    Ooh la la! Your projects always inspire me to knit new things. One of these days I’ll tackle a sweater, but not yet. Maybe next year. =D I look forward to seeing this all finished, missy!

  • Paula

    Uh oh… LOVE that vest. I’d wager to say that visiting knitting blogs is nearly as dangerous as visiting a yarn store. Can’t wait to see how the rest knits up!

  • Andi

    That picture keeps messing with my brain! Your size description just doesn’t match up with what I’m seeing. Haha! That is one big ball of yarn. Your vest is going to be really cute. That shade of grey is perfect for the design.

  • Faith

    I love the yarn you’re using! Can’t wait to see the finished product. In the meantime I’m adding it to my queue because I obviously don’t have enough to knit already.

  • ewenique


    what needles are those you’re using? i thought addi click but not sure. i’m a needle junkie…..hmmm, that doesn’t sound so good.

    • katili

      Hehe :) I’m using Addi Turbos, I love them!

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