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Thanks, ZipperStop!

I finished knitting my Brit Lit Vest a couple weeks ago, and yes, before you ask, I promise to post pictures soon. Anyway, it’s all knit, seamed and blocked, and all that’s left to do is sew the zipper on!

I went browsing through all my local haunts, and could not find a separating zipper that matched, which was really annoying. I had read on another blog (and sadly now I don’t remember where) that they ordered theirs from ZipperStop and was really happy with it, so I thought I’d give them a shot.

Guys.. they were awesome! So now I’m doing my civic duty as a craft blogger to tell you all that if you ever need a zipper, you should look there.

I mailed in my gauge swatch, as well as the one for the Central Park Hoodie that I will be starting soon to have them color matched. My zippers are going to look so good in my vest and sweater! The price was good, and they were quick in sending me my zippers.

I am a happy katili with two great zippers, yay! Now to get sewing..

(PS I am not at all affiliated with ZipperStop, I genuinely just wanted to share my good experience.)




  • Paula @ KnitandSeek

    I just got my first zipperstop zipper in the mail, too! I love that they do custom lengths, leaving aside for a minute the fact that I totally measured wrong. The zipper is lovely and exactly what I asked for and will even work despite my lameness. Awesome!

    • katili

      Aren’t they great?? I’m glad your zipper will work :)

  • Lizzy

    Oh, cool! I didn’t know you were a knitter!

    I’m going to assume you’ve already discovered, but just in case… ;)

    My username is my email address, with my current last name. I’m sadly not on much right now with my work schedule, but it’s a freaking awesome site with lots of nice (and a lot of young) knitters/crocheters!

    • katili

      Ravelry is a good 90% of the reason that I got serious about knitting! I love it so much :D

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