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Glace Icing Cookie Failure

I found the most amazing blog post on The Crafty Penguin on these really pretty (and as it turns out, really yummy) Vanilla Sugar Cookies with Glace Icing. My friend Sonia was here visiting, and we decided to attempt to make these cookies. “How hard could it be?” we thought. Turns out, when you’re us, everything can go wrong!

It started off so well. We only made a marginal mess adding the flour to the dough, the consistency seemed right, and we were able to make round cookies the same thickness, and managed not to break most of the dough. Our undecorated cookies were ready to take on the world!

The birth of a cookie.

For starters, let the record show that when you are adding the icing coloring, a little goes a LONG way. Our icing came out much more vibrant than we expected. Our pink and teal was an immediate flashback to the 80’s. But that part wasn’t so bad. We successfully made the coloring icing and got it safely into the squeeze bottles for flooding. We even successfully flooded our cookies, and most of them wound up with round icing on them (which is a small miracle in and of itself).

The big calamity happened when it was time to use the decorating bag with the #2 tip… a word of advice, if I may? Make sure you don’t forget to get the coupler that helps attach the bag to the tip. It ends poorly if you do. They say it can be done, but I say it’s a dirty lie!

[[EDIT: I’ve since learned that I’m an idiot and put it together wrong. The tip goes inside the bag. It makes so much sense in retrospect!]]

As you can see, my frosting decided to leak between the tip and the bag. This led to glops of frosting on my cookies, oh noes! So we gave up on the white icing, thickened the flood frosting in their squeeze bottles, and made neon 80’s cookies, which is not at all what we were aiming for. The cookies were, however, REALLY YUMMY, especially the next day, after the icing had dried, hardened, and wasn’t quite so sickly sweet.

Neon 80's cookies

I look forward to making these cookies again, armed with my new knowledge. Hopefully the next set will be as yummy, but a whole lot prettier. Has anybody else made cookies like these? I’d love to see them!




  • Kenoshia

    Very funny story! Even if they weren’t what you intended, they look really yummy. The designs are cute.

  • Andi

    It’s not too much of a failure if you get edible cookies in the end! I think the neon colors are kind of fun.

  • Virgo

    I think they look awesome! I’d eat them. Also, I love your photos. Bex gets annoyed if I go anywhere near her with a camera, I think if I tried to take pictures of her cooking she’d whack me with the rolling pin.

  • Sara

    I am super impressed with the uniformity of the cookie thickness. I love the colors. They are indeed quite retro (as am I so I can attest to the fact that these two colors were quite popular in said decade.)

    • katili

      It’s amazing how well a square dowel cut in half works as makeshift cookie slats! It was my 50 cent “secret” to uniform cookie width :) Also, using the rolling pin on it was more fun than it had any right to be, haha.

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