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Category: Sewing

I started sewing when I was a small child, making clothes for my barbies. I’ve not gotten much better since then, but it’s still fun!

Fabric Closeup

I made a 241 Tote for my mom. I think it turned out super cute! She picked the fabrics on her own, the prints are from Joel Dewberry’s Notting Hill line.

Showoff Bag

I made my new favorite bag out of amazing fabric, then made a zipper pouch with the leftover fabric. The bag is amazing, but the pouch and I are not on speaking terms at the moment.

Two-Zip Hipster – Front Pocket

This week I’m sewing a Two Zip Hipster bag from fabrics out of Timeless Treasures “Bright Lights, Big City” collection. It’s going pretty well, except for a seam allowance disagreement that my sewing machine and I had.

Brick Patch Coasters

I made some Brick Patch Coasters with my brand new Brother sewing machine. And, I learned how to sew on quilt binding!

Kitty Toy

Over the weekend I made a few sets of coasters, and a cat toy. I’d like a new sewing machine, but mine still does the trick.