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WIP – Cross Stitch Neck Warmer

Just in time for today’s Work in Progress Wednesday, I took some photos of the projects I’ve got on needles. The one I’m currently working on looks nice, but it is totally not my favorite project of all time, can I just say.

A multi-colored cross stitch scarf in progress.

I’m making the Cross Stitch Scarf from the book 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders, and I’m not liking it, to be honest.

The stitch pattern makes absolutely no sense as written. I *think* the long convoluted directions really mean to knit that particular stitch through the back loop, so that’s what I’ve been doing and I think it looks right, but it might not be. So figuring that out was a pain because I tried 4 different things before I got this result.

Also, the yarn that I’m using (Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky),while absolutely beautiful to look at and nice and smooshy in ball form, is awful to knit with. It fuzzes a ton, and makes my hands itch, and I’m not even allergic to anything about it. The scarf is hairy, and that makes me sad.

A multi-colored cross stitch scarf in progress.

The only thing this project has going for it is that the FO is going to be really pretty. I’m hoping a good wash will help soften it a bit so that I can wear it, because I’ll be mighty sad if I can’t after suffering through the process of knitting it! I’m determined to finish it… the next project will be more enjoyable for me, I hope!




  • Closeacademy

    That is so pretty.

  • Tami

    Thanks for participating in WIPW! It’s funny, before I read your post, I thought that had to be one of the prettiest scarfs I’d ever seen! It’s beautiful. I even queued the pattern on Ravelry, now I’m having second thoughts! It sounds kind of like a nightmare! Glad you’re working through it, I think you won’t regret it in the end.

    • katili

      I think if I didn’t hate the yarn so much, I’d enjoy the scarf a lot more. It is kind of a finicky stitch though. You should make it anyway, you might have more fun with it :D

  • Paula @ KnitandSeek

    Oh wow. That is stunning. I’m sorry it’s such a bear to knit, but at least you’ll have a gorgeous scarf when you’re done. Hope the finish is smoother than the start and that it blocks into the lovely squishiness you were hoping for!

  • pentalia

    That yarn knits up totally gorgeously (probably not a real word) in that stitch. Looked up the link for the yarn, and it’s way prettier on your neckwarmer! I’m intrigued with the stitch, now, and I must try it out. I have been looking for a stitch that would be a little stiff for making towels with cotton yarn, and I think I have a book that explains one like what you’ve got there. Hmmm….

    • katili

      The stitch would absolutely be good and stiff knit with cotton, but it’s finicky enough with wool that my hands ache just at the thought of trying to knit it in cotton!

  • Marushka

    The scarf is so pretty it caught me eye as soon as the page loaded. Some of the prettiest knitting stitches are just miserable to do, aren’t they?

  • autumngeisha

    That scarf is so pretty. The colors are beautiful. It kind of reminds me of the “my so called scarf” pattern. I have the book and am curious about the stitch pattern…will check it out.

    • katili

      I almost made My So Called Scarf instead, but I really wanted to knit something out of my new book.. I may have just picked the wrong pattern hehe.

  • Faith

    That is very pretty! I’m now going to go look at my copy of the book because I’m dying to know what’s so off about it.

  • yoshi

    Hey, where’s my scarf? LOL

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