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Summer “Break”

It’s kind of funny to think about. I haven’t had a proper summer vacation in years and years – it’s one of the things I miss most about being a kid. And yet, for some reason, every time summer comes around, I fall into lazy resting mode. I still have to work, sadly (oh, to be independently wealthy….. a girl can dream!), but my crafting falls to the wayside, and as a result, so does my blog.

I have been doing a fair bit of baking, though. Oregon doesn’t really get hot, so I have no qualms against turning the stove on in the middle of July. My birthday is at the end of the week, and I’ll be making myself a tres leches cake to celebrate! I plan on taking loads of photos and telling you guys how the cake come out. It’s been my favorite kind of cake since I was a small child, and it’s amazing how hard it is to find a good one now that I don’t live in Los Angeles anymore.

I hate picture-less posts, so…. here, have some pictures of yummy things I’ve baked recently! I made chocolate cupcakes with mint-buttercream frosting (topped with Andes mints, cause who can resist?!) for my friend’s birthday, lemon bars, and attempted (and failed) to make easter basket cupcakes (ok, that wasn’t in the summer, but shhhh)…

How’s the summer treating you guys? Are you crafting more, or less? Does anybody have any small, summery projects to recommend, so that maybe I can get a little bit of something done that doesn’t go straight to my bum?




  • Vanessa

    I’ve signed up for a billion swaps, so I’ve been doing a bunch of things. Mostly baby knits, socks or small sewing projects like bags. It’s summer in the South so anything to stay in doors!

    Also, tres leches cake is my favorite cake after chocolate, of course!

  • erin

    I’ve mostly been working in my garden, although I did knit up a few simple headbands.

  • Marushka

    I didn’t discover tres leches cake until a few years ago, but I love it! I think it’s a wonderful choice for a birthday & I hope it’s part of a lovely day for you.

    I don’t make many changes in the crafting over the summer — thank goodness for air conditioning!

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