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Ravellenic Games 2014: Aerial Unwind

Ravellenics 2014

You know.. there’s something very cathartic about picking up a project that’s been sitting on needles for years that is clearly never going to be finished, looking at it, letting it go… and then unwinding the thing. I have a short attention span sometimes so I very often start projects then get distracted by a new one. But most of the time, I’ll pick the old project back up and give it some love. I usually have 3-4 projects that I’m working on at once.

But sometimes I put a project down, and never pick it back up. I have a handful that have lived with me in 3 or 4 different apartments now. Some of them I outgrew as a knitter; either the style, or the mistakes are now unacceptable. Some of them I just never liked. One of them wasn’t going to fit.

So for Aerial Unwind, I grabbed four of those unloved projects and undid them.

First up: my bramble stitch hat, Bailey. This project was just full of mistakes, and every time I looked at it I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m not liking the texture of the stitch in this yarn, either. I like the color of the yarn but it’s a little rough to be on my head. I haven’t decided what to do with it instead, but I’ll think of something. If I were to start this hat again (which I probably will because it’s not a free pattern), I’ll choose something softer.

Aerial Unwind: Bailey | katili*made |

This next one almost felt a little blasphemous to undo. There’s a photo of my Cross-Stitch Scarf on Flickr that keeps sending traffic to my blog, and it’s been pinned on Pinterest a few times. Everybody loves it, except me. The stitch is annoying because it’s not clearly written in the book, so I was probably doing it wrong. Now it’s been so long that I forgot how I was doing it in the first place! And as I’ve mentioned before, I just don’t like knitting with alpaca. I may re-home this yarn now that it’s no longer an incomplete scarf, because I don’t see myself using it.

Aerial Unwind: Cross-Stitch Scarf | katili*made | http://katilim

The next project in the frog pool is my *Bloop, Bloop* Mitts. I’m a little sad about ripping this one because I like it and really wanted these mitts, but they’re way too big for my wrists. Maybe I’ll do some math and move the pattern a little to make them smaller, or make socks instead.

Aerial Unwind: Bloop Bloop Mitts | katili*made | http://katilima

And last up is Row Row Row Yer Boat socks. This project will actually be restarted, same pattern and same yarn, but will be sometime when I really feel like knitting socks and also paying more attention. I messed up the linen stitch a lot of places, which bugs me. I also think I want to do them two-at-a-time to ensure that they’re the same size and hopefully same tension.

Aerial Unwind: Row Yer Boat Socks | katili*made | http://katilim

So that’s it for the tearing down. I’ve also done some building up, and have made great progress on my fair isle hat. I may actually finish this before I get back to Ishbel, which I started but briefly put back down because miles of stockinette gets boring.




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