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Ravellenic Games 2014: WIPs Dancing Entry 1

Ravellenics 2014

The Games have officially started, and I am off to a running start! There were a couple minor delays in my knitting though, as I was getting distracted by the Opening Ceremony. I loved the little girl floating with the red balloon, the dress that the gal singing the anthem was beautiful, and the running of the torch!! The constellation figures were amazing, and I was mezmorized by the flame ramp to light the official giant torch So, so cool!!

I did manage to finish up the Man Hat for my friend Nestor while I was watching though, which was my first goal as mentioned in my Pre-Games post. I promised him a hat “large enough to fit [his] giant melon” ages ago and I feel terrible that it took me so long to finish it up. This fact is made even more embarrassing by the fact that I literally only had half an hour left of knitting on it… yes, I timed it. I am a terrible friend!

No wait, I am an awesome friend, for he now has a nice hat for all that cold weather that Los Angeles is having. The lows there are in the 40’s right now, oh noes! I’m going to ignore the fact that the highs here in Everett haven’t been above freezing in days and days and let my Californians complain for a minute…

Okay enough whining California. Have a photo of a man-melon sized hat instead. I may update this post in a few days with a picture of it on his head, if he sends me one.

Man-Hat for Nestor | katili*made |

Next up, it’s time to cast on my Ishbel, yay! I think I’ll do some unwinding after lunch. How are you guys doing in your events?



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