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WIP – Branching Out

In true Katie fashion, I always have to start new projects even though I still have some sitting around languishing. But hey, I did finish a project that was embarrassingly old, and will be showing that one off on Friday. Those of you that stalk me have already seen it but you can pretend to be surprised!

I actually started this on the airplane to Los Angeles where I attended my uncle’s beautiful wedding, but since my flights were at 6am (an ungodly hour that I hate seeing) I didn’t get much done due to falling asleep. So I’m only two pattern repeats in so far, but that’s more than enough for a photograph!

WIP - Branching Out | katili*made |

The pattern is Branching Out, and the yarn is Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. I have a lot of friends that rave about this yarn, but honestly I’m not that into it. It’s kind of rough and I keep having to pick stuff out of it. I’m hoping it gets nicer after blocking.

This project will probably take me forever to finish because I’m worse at scarves than anything else.. they just never end! I’ve finished one scarf ever and I promptly gave it away because I was sick of looking at it. This one may see a better fate though!




  • JoAnne Wagner

    You know I will take it, or anything you make and don’t like! <3

  • Carol

    That is a beautiful pattern and colour, will be lovely when finished :)

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