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Lettuce Ishbel

Ishbel really is such a fun knit, even though both times I did it my brain got tripped up on the lace pattern and made me rip back to the lifeline multiple times. But isn’t that what lifelines were made for? Yes, yes it is.

Lettuce Ishbel shawl | katili*made |

I actually finished the shawl before the Ravellenic Games deadline, but then due to real-life insanity didn’t get to photograph and post it in time to get medals on it. C’est la vie! I may not get medals, but I do have a gorgeous new shawl, and that’s way better in my book.

Lettuce Ishbel shawl | katili*made |

Curly edges, you make me sad, but I will conquer you eventually! I think I may have bound off a little too tight. I just blocked this and the points have already gone soft on me. I think I need to be a little more aggressive next time it gets washed, and maybe give it some steam just to be on the safe side. Or maybe I should have done a sewn bind off, but that’s just insane on so many stitches!

Lettuce Ishbel shawl | katili*made |

As always, Malabrigo Sock knits up into a beautiful, soft, gorgeous fabric that I just want to snuggle all day long! There’s really not much to say, I think the shawl speaks for itself!

I did learn that my new apartment doesn’t really get much natural light. All the windows face North, so I only sort-of got some light in here by having the front door open and having my neighbors look at me like I’m insane, moving the coffee table to the entry way so I could snap some photos. They ain’t seen nothing yet!



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