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WIP – Fake Party Socks

Happy Wednesday, everyone! This week, I’ve got a few projects on needles, but I’ve already chatted about most of them; I’ll do a blurb at the end of the post. My newest project is a pair of socks. Remember back when I was unsure what all the fuss about socks was? Well, now that I’ve actually finished a pair, I think I get it. I’ve probably created a monster.

Anyway, my socks! I’ve modified the Charade sock to be knit toe-up, using the Lifestyle Toe Up formula. I’m knitting them in Aslan Trends Santa Fe, in the Celebration colorway.

I’ve decided to call them Fake Party socks. Eh? Eh?? Get it? Charade in the Celebration colorway? Never mind.

I’m rather liking this yarn, though I’m sad that the colors appear much more faded when knit up than they did in the skein; I was expecting brighter, more saturated socks. The yarn isn’t as soft as some other sock yarns I know, but it seems very durable. I expect these socks to be able to take a bit of abuse.

That’s enough blabbing though, time for pictures! Clicking makes them bigger.

In other knittery news, I’m mostly done with my Mondo hood. I ran out of yarn, so I’m waiting for a package from a kind Malabrigo lover on Ravelry with a scrap so I can finish. I seriously only need to put buttons and make an icord for the tie and it’ll be done. I haven’t taken an updated picture, but here’s an old one:

WIP - Mondo Hood | katili*made |

I had some issues with this pattern. There’s a few places where its wordier than it needs to be, which actually turns out to be confusing (like how it explains the short rows. Half the words could have been left off and it would make better sense), and a few places where you kind of have to guess at what you should do. I emailed the designer and never heard back, which is understandable on one hand, but frustrating on the other.

Looking at the picture on the project page and what I have, I feel like my hood is taller and narrower than hers, but mine looks like everyone elses (except the designers) and I have the correct amount of cables as per the pattern, so I guess the main photo is a previous incarnation, which only adds to the confusion when trying to figure out what to do. It’s a great hood, but the pattern could use some improvements. At any rate, I can’t wait to do the finishing touches and wear it!

And finally, in a shocking turn of events, I am only 6 rows from finishing the Sweater I No Longer Speak Of™! I picked it up again after being harrased by the gals at my LYS, and found that my gauge has changed dramatically.. there’s no way I can actually knit the full sleeves and have it look even remotely okay, so I’ve decided to make it short sleeved. One sleeve is done and cast off, and the other is on needles; I’ll probably finish tonight so I can make an FO post for it on Friday! Stay tuned.

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  • Marushka

    Your socks look beautiful! I have some Aslan Trends Santa Fe that I haven’t tried yet, but it’s a deep red, almost a red-orange. It will probably be socks, too. Good luck finishing the troublesome sweater, you’ll be so glad to have it done.

  • Faith

    Love the name “Fake Party Socks”. Punny yarn is so easy yet so fulfilling.

    • katili

      That one was just too obvious and punny-awful that I couldn’t resist haha :)

  • Tami

    LOL, fake party socks. That’s clever! I think they look great!!!! As does the hood! I have to ask, I love how you presented the sock pictures on this post and have been looking for exactly this type of thing for my dyed yarn site I’m building. What plug in did you use?

    • katili

      I used the built-in Gallery feature to display the thumbnails, set them to link to the image instead of the attachment page, and used a Lightbox plug-in to get them to open on top of the page. My blog is a self-hosted WordPress installation though, I’m not sure if Blogger has the same options.

      • Tami

        Actually, I’m using a WordPress hosted by Go Daddy for my company’s website, so it’s perfect. I’m new to WordPress, so am just trying to figure out the best way to display several pictures of the same skein of yarn. I’ll have to figure out how to get the thumbnails in the gallery to work like that. Thank you!

  • Paula @ KnitandSeek

    There is *nothing* fake about the party in those socks! That colorway is super fun. And congrats on your sweater progress. I feel your pain — I’m on month 6 of The Vest From Hell, but my finish line is farther away. Stay strong! :)

  • naomi

    that hood is awfully sweet, can’t wait to see it finished

  • Shannon

    Welcome to sock knitting addiction! There is something so satisfying about socks, isn’t there? Your mondo hood is pretty too.

  • Erin

    All your pretty pictures have me wanting to knit again. I haven’t worked on a project in ages. I downloaded the Lifestyle sock pdf so maybe I’ll work on that in a few months. Once I’m off my gardening kick. =)

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