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Aflight Lace Cuff Socks

I finished my Aflight test knit socks last Friday, actually, but then had to block and photograph them. But, I think it was worth the wait so I could have good light and pretty pictures :)

Aflight Test Knit

These were a really fast knit, I got them done in two weeks which is a record for me, no joke! The lace cuff was fun, then the simple ribbed body went by surprisingly fast for being knit on size 0 needles, where each inch is a mile! And, the pattern (this was a test knit) is now available on Ravelry. The pattern author liked my pictures so much she requested to use them on the pattern page! I was glad to share them.

The yarn, String Theory Caper Sock, was a dream to knit with and is sooooo cozy! I love these socks, and  hope the yarn holds up to wear well. The fabric it made on 0s is amazing.

Ok that’s enough babble, here are the socks!




  • Tracy

    Such pretty socks and that yarn is to die for! Well done you, gorgeous knitting :)

  • MissH

    Those are lovely! I love the way you photographed them!

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