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Ishbel (Finally!)

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. After spending a year in my queue (with the yarn in my possession and everything!) I finally got around to knitting Ishbel. Now that I’ve finally knit it, I cannot BELIEVE I waited so long! This pattern was really fun to knit, and I absolutely adore the finished shawlette. It’s the perfect size.

Ishbel, Finally

You already saw the miles of stockinette in the shawl, but man, the lace part is so much cooler (big surprise, huh?).

Ok, just to recap, I knit the shawl with Malarigo Sock, in the color Boticelli Red. I used roughly 270 yards for the small size.

Ishbel shawl | katili*made |

Sorry, ignore the fact that I look like hell, my allergies have been kicking. my. butt! It sucks. Anyway! I love this shawl so much that I think I’m going to make a second one. I “accidentally” came home with a skein of Malabrigo Sock in Lettuce. I looked at other shawl patterns that can be made with a single skein and just don’t love any of them as much as I love Ishbel.

Oh, and for those that like to see the magic that is blocking..

Preblock: 37×14 inches
Postblock: 49×22 inches, and still had plenty of room to grow.

If you haven’t made one.. you should. Seriously.




  • Tami

    Love love love. Thanks for the before and after photos. I’m always entranced by blocking before and afters. LOL

  • Kathleen

    Oh wow, that is beautiful. I love the colours and the pattern and the way it drapes on you and I’m all google-eyed over the pre- and post-blocking shots. I can definitely understand the immediate desire to make a second one. (And I totally wish I could knit so I could make a first of my own…)

  • caz

    awww it looks really cute on!! Lovely colour too!!

  • Tammy

    I met Ysolda last Sunday and bought the book that has Ishbel in it…not ready to knit it yet though..

  • Karen

    Stunning!! The color is gorgeous. I really need to knit another shawl.

  • nursenikkiknits

    W.O.W. Amazing! I love the colour sooooo much… and I’m a big sucker for pre & post blocking photos. Beautiful work.

  • Sandy

    Awesome job, I think I spotted this over on RAV? No…2nd thought think I left you a comment on The Hive?

  • Emma

    This is absolutely beautiful!

  • The Byrd's Nest

    Gorgeous shawl! Love the color.

  • Nat

    I have that pattern in my library – I really should get on and make it! Yours is stunning :)

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