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WIP – Ishbel, Finally!

I’ve been meaning to make Ishbel for a really long time. Like, I bought the yarn and pattern about a year ago with the intention of knitting it. Apparently I just never got around to it!

This month, we’re doing a Shawl-a-long at my LYS, The Knitting Bee. We decided to do something quick and small, instead of a garment this time. It was a perfect opportunity to finally make this shawl!

So far, I really just have miles of stockinette, but it feels SO nice. I can’t wait to wear it. And yes, I do have a lifeline in my miles of stockinette. Why, you ask? Because somehow, the first time, I wound up with different amounts of stitches on each side of my “center” stitch, then somehow wound up with two “center” stitches. I don’t even know how that’s possible. I spent over an hour trying to fix it before I decided to just start over. It pained me to frog that much progress and I swore not to have to do it again. So, yes, lifeline in my stockinette!

As I mentioned, the fabric feels awesome! I was worried when I first started that it was going to be too loose for my liking, but as I got further along, I decided I really loved it. Malabrigo can do no wrong, even when my ball decided to yarn-vomit on me.

Now I can’t actually take this project to the yarn shop, at least not until I get past the three blobs of yarn. I’m terrified that moving it will end poorly, so I just knit on the couch in front of the teevee. It was a gamble moving it to take the picture!

I have a couple other shawls in mind, maybe I’ll take one of those to the knitting group. I have a second skein of Malabrigo Sock (in Lettuce), perhaps a second Ishbel needs to be made? I hear they’re addictive, one of my friends has made six or seven!

For now, I’ll be happy when I finish the first one. You know, a year late..




  • autumngeisha

    I hate cleaning up yarn vomits, too. Great color and you can never go wrong with mmmalabrigo. Ishbel has been on my to-knit list forever. I even have the pattern, just not the time. Someday!

  • Tami

    Yep, yarn vomit is the worst! I love the color you’re using and a shawl-a-long is an amazing idea. How fun!

  • Kelli

    Oh no, yarn vomit! I love that color though and it’s knitting up beautifully. :)

  • Shannon

    Malabrigo is beautiful even in yarn-vomit form! That will be a very pretty Ishbel.

  • LauraM

    I hate to say it, but I never heard of Ishbel before this week. But now it seems to be popping up all over. It may, just may, make it to my “to-knit” list. If I put it at the bottom than I might get around to it in 2015 or so….

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