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Five Month Outfit – 12m of Zoe

Zoe’s 5 month outfit is just so dang cute, one of my next projects is going to be replicating it for myself! I was already in love with this floral fabric from my Melbourne top, but who knew it made such cute leggings?! And this maroon solid is to die for, especially in a simple babydoll top.

All three of these fabrics are from Peek-a-boo Patterns fabric shop. The Mulberry Stripes and Maroon solid cotton lyrca were perfect compliments to the floral.

Maroon Floral Outfit | katili*made |

The top was a big of a happy accident; I meant to print out the adult size version of Boho Babydoll from Patterns for Pirates, but accidentally sent the Youth size to the printer! Since I had it, I figured I’d use it, and I just love how it looks on Zoe.

The pants are the Lounge Sweats from Lowland Kids, and the bow is a simple sailor bow attached to a nylon headband. Her mohawk has officially died, so now she’ll need bows and hats and ponytails! I miss it already.

I’m now officially caught up on posting Zoe’s outfits, just in time to do her 6 month set this weekend! I can’t believe my baby is already half a year old… excuse me while I go cry over there now at how fast she’s growing.



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