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Summer Flies

Ok, I actually finished this shawl last week, but it was late and dark and rainy, and thus not at all conducive to taking photos! Today was an amazing day, so I took my shawl out to the patio at the office for a couple photos.

I adore the picot edging at the edge of the little ruffles, I really do.. but EGADS it was a pain in the neck to knit! The bind off took forever and a half, I’m not even kidding – I spent three days worth of knitting just binding off.

Summer Flies | katili*made |
Summer Flies | katili*made |

The whole thing drapes really nicely. I think part of it is the pattern and part the yarn, I really enjoyed knitting with the Silky Merino (oh Malabrigo, all your yarn is so yummy!) The pattern got a bit dull shortly through the third section though. I think it was me, I enjoyed the knotted lacework though. I’m glad I made one, but I don’t think I’ll be making more of this particular shawl.

So, some of you may notice the water in the background: here’s where I make you all jealous and show you the view from my office.

Office Window View | katili*made |

Please try not to hate me too much. For what it’s worth, I am as jealous of the people on the boat as you might be of me! I’m actually not allowed on the lake: it’s privately owned and only people that live in the super expensive houses on the lake are allowed to get permits for it.

It was a beautiful day today though, I shall leave you with something pretty I saw on my way back to my car.

Pretty Day | katili*made |




  • keri

    WOW! How so you get anything done? I’d just sit and stare at the lake all day. Shame that you can’t go on it though :(
    I love the shawl. It’s a great colour.

  • Leah

    Wow, what a lovely view! That could get distracting… The shawl looks fabulous, too.

  • Nicky

    Yes I’m jealous!!!! Beautiful views from your office!!!

    And your Summer Flies is divine as well. I agree … oh Malabrigo, how I love thee .. LOL

  • katili

    It takes quite a bit of willpower to not stare at it all day… I manage to only stare half the day ;D

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