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I finished up my Ishbel, and like everything else knit in Malabrigo anything, it’s gorgeous and soft, mmm!

In true Katie fashion, I always have to start new projects even though I still have some sitting around languishing. I actually started this on the airplane to Los Angeles where I attended my uncle’s beautiful wedding, but since my flights were at 6am (an ungodly hour that I hate seeing) I didn’t get much done due to falling asleep. So I’m only two pattern repeats in so far, but that’s more than enough for a photograph!

Tidy Desk!

After over a week of dealing with crazy moving stuff, I finally got to sit down with my sewing machine in the new apartment and make a couple small projects. My inner-crafter is pleased!

Fabric Closeup

I made a 241 Tote for my mom. I think it turned out super cute! She picked the fabrics on her own, the prints are from Joel Dewberry’s Notting Hill line.